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Packaged Feed System

Since it´s inception in 1969, Monarch has developed and expanded its operations to include all phases of mechanical construction, boiler installations and related equipment, power plant repairs, with the turnkey approach. This includes boiler, condenser and exchanger repair, pressure piping, burner conversion, computer monitoring, energy conservation, pollution control installations and plant maintenance.

Monarch has successfully completed millions of dollars in contracts for hundreds of customers, the majority being large industrial and commercial, utility companies, as well as schools and smaller projects.

Monarch is authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to assemble boilers, unfired pressure vessels, high pressure piping and the repair of high pressure boilers at our plant location or in the field. With ASME authorization, Monarch is able to erect, fabricate and perform repairs on all types of pressurized components.

Packaged Boiler System

Of special interest to architects and engineers is the turnkey approach to our complete skid mounted power plant systems. Here's how we do it. You specify the size of the plant you require, (from 1,000 pounds per hour to 100,000 pounds per hour) and we do the rest. We completely fabricate the system at our shop facility, including all piping, wiring and auxiliary equipment.

The plant is then tested and finally delivered to the field location, ready for hookup. With this approach, there is a saving of field time by merely specifying the size & type of the unit you require.

Monarch provides modifications, repairs or rebuilding services to existing boiler systems. Our experienced boilermakers, ASME certified welders, pipefitters, ironworkers, millwrights, electricians, burner service technicians and bricklayers are available for planned projects, or for emergency response.

Monarch´s experienced journeymen provides the following field & shop services: refractory and insulation repairs, fireside and waterside cleaning, inspection services for insurance purposes, retubing repairs, (ASME) welding, conversion and new burner installation, and many other services.

Helo Setting Roof Unit

Monarch´s shop occupies 30,000 square feet of building space, providing support services to our field operations. We also fabricate many of the components prior to delivery, which represents considerable savings in cost. We also respond to emergencies with a fully stocked supply of parts and 24-hour service.

Monarch assembles steam plants, and related equipment, including boilers, feed water pumps, deaerators, heat exchanger and pressure vessels, both new and used. A wide selection of powerhouse equipment is available in Monarch´s database throughout the U S.

Monarch also sells, leases and rents packaged equipment systems, with customized terms to suit your individual equipment requirements. We also have portable boilers available for emergency, temporary or stand-by steam use. These are available at daily, weekly, or monthly rates, with twenty-four hour service. Contact us for the following.

power plant construction industrial / commercial boilers coded power piping systems
industrial plant construction stack installations fire brick and refractory
tank farm and piping systems tank installations energy conservation systems
burner system and controls computerized monitoring boiler and auxiliary supplies
portable boiler systems environmental control systems

Our business philosophy is to respond to the needs of our clients with the fast service and dependability they have learned to expect and to constantly strive for excellence in all areas of our operation.

monarch facilities and equipment

Portable Boiler System

Monarch´s shop and office facility is located close to major highways, rail, air and sea transport, with six acres of outside storage, as well as, ample shop space to accommodate the fabrication and assembly of large piping systems.

The shop is extensively outfitted with a wide range of tools, forklifts, cranes and rolling stock, adequate to outfit over one hundred men in the field for a variety of tasks. Included in the shop facility is a complete machine shop, metal forming rolls, brake and shear, an extensive stock of pipe, fittings and valves, as well as a stock of electrical components and supplies. Qualified technicians are available, as well as test gear, to provide in-house evaluation in the following categories:

hydrostatic metal testing non-destructive metal testing
metal thickness testing water treatment air velocity and quality
combustion analysis noise levels electrical testing

All machinery, tools and test equipment necessary to meet the requirements of a wide range of projects, is in stock at the Monarch facility.

technical capabilities

Boiler Retube

Monarch has performed a wide range of projects over the past 42 years. We have successfully completed hundreds of boiler installations of various sizes and pressures. Design and installation of high pressure ASME piping systems, to turnkey process plant construction, has been accomplished to the satisfaction of the many customers Monarch has serviced in the past. Monarch provides support after the construction phase, including maintenance and repair services, including burner and control work to boilers, exchangers and condenser retubeing and refractory work.

Monarch can provide experienced engineers for design & planning of new plant additions, modifications or repairs. Our ASME certified welders, boilermakers, pipefitters, ironworkers, millwrights, electricians and burner service technicians are at your service for new projects, planned plant outages, or for emergency response situations.

Boiler Installation